Alabaster Jar
Date Predynastic - Early Dynastic Period, 3100-2700 B.C.E.
Dimensions Overall: 7 x 4 1/2 in. (17.8 x 11.4 cm)
Medium Alabaster
Credit Line Museum purchase
Description Cylindrical jar with a base slightly larger than the flanks, and a splayed cup. The lip is strongly marked with a large rim. Under it is a line in relief running all around the cup.
Object Label Jars Predynastic-Early Dynastic Period, ca. 3100-2700 B.C. Alabaster Museum Membership Fund Purchase, 1952 53.19.2-3 Prized for their beauty and durability, fine-grained minerals like alabaster were costly and often reserved for rare treasures or the funerary equipment of the rich. Though these two cylindrical alabaster jars could have been used by a wealthy owner in life to hold oil or ointment, they were more likely designed for the tomb. The jar with the vestigial handle-the thin line under its lip-is probably somewhat older than the other, plainer jar.
Object Number 53.19.2